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How coachable are you?
(Let’s find out)

What’s coachability?

It’s a person’s ability to be open, seek and act on feedback/input from people around.

Why do you need to be coachable?

Research says if you are coachable

  • The likelihood of you getting promoted is high
  • It increases your job satisfaction
  • You will be able to handle stress better

(Suprise gift awaits)

Are you seeking to
- Build your 2nd line of leaders?
- Develop decision making and ownership?
- Reduce dependence on the CXO team?
- Dissolve silos in your teams?

Co.labx Coaching helps your leaders take their Inner Game to the next level through sustainable habit change.

With flexible formats like 1:1 coaching, group coaching, and drop-in coaching, all of your people can benefit from personalized guidance and support.

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Who Is It For

Founders & CXOs
Senior Leadership
High Potential Leaders

Types of Coaching Engagements Offered

Sprint + Dedicated Coaching

A Co.labx sprint followed by one on one coaching towards a set of goals

Workshop + Dedicated Coaching

A 2 day workshop followed by 1-1 by six coaching chats towards a set of goals

Dedicated Coaching

Six 1-1 coaching chats towards a focussed goal

Group Coaching

3-5 coachees are coached towards their individual goals and support each other towards the same

On Demand Coaching

A single coaching call for in the moment support relating to a specific challenge

Meet our Coaches

Nikhil Damle

Nikhil brings a combination of 20 years of experience in technology, banking and operations domains along with a strong set of skills in coaching and facilitation. His own COO/CAO experience and the coaching mindset allow him to be a unique enabler to the individuals and enterprises he works with. When not coaching, Nikhil can be found immersed in teaching NLP Foundation Courses.

Nancy Kapoor

Nancy is deeply passionate about helping people unearth their natural potential. She works as a leadership coach and has partnered with more than 50 individuals including founders, senior leaders, young professionals and students pursuing higher education. Nancy’s strength is her ability to create a space, rooted in compassion, courage, and authenticity so that you are able to reflect deeply to understand yourself better. You will also get to work at all levels – head, heart, hand, and soul – depending on how comfortable you are to look within. 

Nancy is an Associate Certified Coach by ICF, a Post Graduate in Development Management from ISDM and a fellow in Organisation Development from Wipro Foundation. Before turning to full time coaching, she spent 12 years in research and knowledge management roles in McKinsey, Deloitte, Egon Zehnder, and the Wellbeing Project.

Nancy enjoys writing, spending time in nature, and bird watching. 

Radhika Pendse

Radhika has been in leadership development and education for over a decade with a focus on the stages of brain development when we are young and personal growth at the adult mind, body and emotion level. 

Her clients span a wide range from young professionals, entrepreneurs, educators, seniors, parents and even children. They describe her coaching style as incisive, goal oriented, deeply personal and supportive. She focuses on the whole individual and underlying fears/beliefs – this means causes and roots rather than symptoms. She prefers an approach that uses powerful questions to elicit deep realisation within clients – this stems from the conviction that everyone comes equipped with deep innate wisdom towards which they simply require to be re-routed. Donning multiple hats – coach, motivator, mentor and friend – comes naturally.

Her journey started with a 2 year leadership fellowship with Teach for India in 2013 after which her position on staff enabled her to mentor and coach multiple programme leaders in the organisation. She now works as an educator for children and adults and is in the final stage of her ACC accreditation with the International Coaching Federation.

Simmi Gulati

Simmi brings over 28 years of global industry experience that spans from diversified corporate career to social education sector in organizations like Ericsson HP, Wipro and Tech Mahindra and Teach for India.  All this gives her a deeper understanding into challenges and aspirations of today’s leaders across different sectors. I use an integrated approach with variety of tools – Mindfulness, NLP, Positive Psychology, Mind Body Connection, EFT & Art/Music to bring scope for deep transformation & fulfillment for her clients.

Surabhi Venkatesh

With over 10 years of experience in both for-profit and not-for-profit organizations in domains like Adult Learning, HR Transformation, Performance Management, and People Leadership & Stakeholder Management, Surabhi as worked with organizations, helping them scale and grow. She has run end-to-end HR cycles and focused on building culture and a high-performing work environments while organizations have scaled their business.

As a leadership & holistic coach, she describes her style as an intersectionality of coaching, therapeutic models and spirituality. As a Coach For Life graduate, she integrates the practice of both ‘being’ and ‘doing’ of self into her coaching to help her coachees be their best selves and achieve set coaching objectives. She enjoys working with individuals, specifically women, who are open to learning and growth, enjoy reflective spaces and are committed to being their best selves in life. . Her clients range from diverse industries – from steel manufacturing to real estate, IT organizations to BFSI clients.

Anasuya Menon

Anasuya works with creatives and senior level start-up executives to foster lasting, empowering habits that add real value to their personal and professional lives. She has worked closely with them to help map out career-related goals, improve decision-making capabilities, and establish a healthy work-life balance. Her clients have included founders of C-level suite companies like Le 15 Patisserie, Gully Gang Entertainment, Josmo Studio, The Glitch, Skillr Talent, Shop Lune, Plot Device Entertainment, Big Bad Wolf, and Berkowits Hair & Skin Clinic, among others.

Saahil Sood

Saahil is an International Coaching Federation (ICF) certified Leadership Coach from Co-Active Training Institute California, ex-ICICI Bank, ex-India Bulls. He is the co-founder at Co.labx and brings 17 years of corporate and leadership experience, He is passionate about enabling purpose-driven leaders in businesses.

What people are saying about our Coaches

Nikhil Damle

“I wanted to improve my interpersonal skills so that these would help me on business front to understand the customer requirements in a better way. Its been hardly 4 months that I know Nikhil now, and I could see the significant impact he has made on me through his teachings, personal/group discussions to explore any problematic situation, and his empathetic and non-judgemental approach towards each participant of my training group. With Nikhil’s help, I could discover my subconscious unresourceful thinking/behaviour patterns which I am working to improve upon.”

- Swati Pawar
Nancy Kapoor

“Nancy created a space of safety from our first conversation which I really loved and it enabled me to be myself and show up authentically for the conversations. Gentle nudging and questioning helped to develop depth in reflections.
I loved the progression of the conversation. The entire conversation felt comfortable and safe. Even jotting down my reflections on the sheet, making a commitment to self and additionally defining the action steps was helpful for me !!”

- SrishtiSimple Education Foundation
Simmi Gulati

“Applying Simmi’s deep understanding and experience as an NLP practitioner has helped me mapping my personality and motives. The first coaching session was already a groundbreaking one: I use the same metaphors which I defined then ever since whenever I face crossroads and have a dilemma. In just these past two years she has witnessed and supported me in three major transitions in my private and business life. In the hardest moments the images I discovered in my subconscious with Simi’s help give me reassuring support that I am following the right direction.”

- Dóri Szvath
Saahil Sood

“Saahil is an extraordinary coach with qualities of deep listening and curiosity. I appreciate how he's fully present during our coaching conversations and it made me want to share from my authentic voice. He helped me to visualize very vividly and to embody a quality that I wanted more of. The entire visualization exercise was so powerful and vivid that I can still see it in my mind today. Thank you for challenging me, stretching me and pushing me outside my comfort zone.”

- Nathaddeus TanRegional Sales Manager ASEAN | Zscaler

Coaching Timeline

  • All coaching engagements (apart from on demand coaching) will consist of a minimum of 6 sessions

  • All coaching engagements (apart from on demand coaching) will occur at a frequency of a minimum of once in 2 weeks and a maximum of once a week

  • All coaching conversations will be for a minimum of 60 mins and a maximum of 90 mins

Overview of the Coaching Journey

Overview of the Coaching Journey

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the proposed timeline of a coaching engagement?

We offer a minimum of 6 sessions and recommend 12 sessions for a coaching engagement. Each session happens at a frequency of once every week or once every two weeks. Each session can be either 60 minutes or 90 minutes each. The frequency and time for each session is finalized by the organization at the start of the engagement. The exact time-slot and date is blocked between the coach and coachee right before sessions begin.

How will a coach add value without having any background/experience in the work that our organization does?

The support offered by a coach is different from that of a mentor. A mentor has more experience and is more knowledgeable than us at what we do and from that space of superiority can offer us advice. A coach on the other hand offers perspective by sharing feedback on how they think we are showing up and by asking us questions whose answers help us create the results that we want. Their job is not to offer advice but to offer us perspective that gives us a well rounded view of the challenge we are dealing with. Each of us is blinded by the lens of our belief which may make it hard for us to have clarity and balanced perspective on what we need to do to create results. This is where a coach comes in. They do not need to have technical knowledge or experience in what we do as they operate in the domain of behaviour change which is agnostic to the technicalities of our role.

How should I decide which employees from my Org would benefit from coaching?

We believe that coaching will be best suited to:

  • Founders &/or C Level suite executives who are leading the organization.
  • High potential senior managers who you would like to build into a strong next rung of leadership.

Once decided, we strongly recommend that you share an open invitation with these managers (as opposed to a mandate), asking them to opt-in based on their own aspirations, needs, and bandwidth. This allows participants to align their own motivations with what the course has to offer and create the maximum value-add for themselves.

What happens if a coachee does not turn up or is late to a coaching session/call?

Managing commitments effectively is an important aspect of leadership and we believe that the coaching engagement is a space to practice the behaviours we would like to inculcate as leaders. 

In accordance with this, once a coaching engagement has been finalized between Co.labX & the organization, the coachee’s involved in the program would be required to sign a coaching agreement. Post that the coach and the coachee would agree to a time slot that works aligned to the frequency and duration decided by their organization and the coach will share calendar invites for the same. Calendar invites for all sessions for the entire engagement will be shared at this time before the sessions begin. 

Once the invites are sent, calls can be rescheduled within the week provided that it is done 48 hours before the call begins. If a coachee reschedules any later than 48 hours before the call or if they do not turn up to the call, the organization will still be billed for the same. If a coachee is late for a call, the call will still end as is scheduled and the organization would be charged for the same.

I am an employee who would like to sign up for coaching. How do I proceed?

In many cases, companies have a formal PD policy for employees and a budget to cover the same. In other cases, there might not be a formal policy in place but an openness & desire to support employees with their growth & learning.

Either way, the first step for you would be to check with your manager or HR to see if this is an option.

If yes, we would be happy to support you to make the ask and get a reimbursement. You can write to us (email below) with your request and we will get back on next steps.

What if I have more questions?

Shoot us an email at [email protected] and we will get back to you within 48 hours.