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Are you a visionary founder looking to

Dissolve silosBuild ownershipDeepen alignment

If yes, then Basecamp is your starting point.

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Leadership consultation & business strategy

Inner Game Basecamp

“Every game is composed of two parts: an outer game and an inner game. The outer game is played in an external arena. The inner game takes place in the minds of the players.”

Timothy Gallwey, Performance Coach

Master your inner game. Transform your outer game.
Join us at Basecamp.

Basecamp for Leaders

A powerful 6-week sprint for managers and team leaders in startups to cultivate an empowering mindset that will catalyze their team to results.

Outcomes & Results

Ability to foster trust using the crucial skills of Deep Listening and Curiosity

Heightened ownership over one’s work emerging from an awareness of one’s strengths and beliefs

Higher motivation and confidence to express oneself and take action

Basecamp for Teams

A collaborative 6-week sprint for the leadership teams of startups to tackle the sources of tension holding them back from breakthrough execution.

Outcomes & Results

Increased stamina for honest and courageous conversations

A balance of Me and We and heightened trust in a team

Fluid co-creation between cross-functional peers

Key Features

Live Workouts

12 hours of challenging and engaging live sessions designed for virtual teams. There isn’t a dull moment in 6 weeks!

Daily Practice

Action prompts, reflective questions, and behavioral nudges to enable daily practice and habit-formation

Individual Coaching

Powerful 1-1 conversations to complement the group workouts and facilitate personal breakthroughs.

Personalized Reports

Contextual reports shared at the beginning and end of the sprint to spotlight progress and growth

What They’re Saying

Sometimes to take a leap, we need to take a step back. Basecamp shifted my perspective in a way that allowed me to move forward with more speed.

Mahesh MaanData Science Team Lead, GreyB Research

Basecamp helped us see our internal challenges clearly and identify key processes that could be reimagined. The balance between standardised and personalised elements was a key differentiating factor. I would strongly recommend Basecamp to any organisation that is committed to building a strong leadership team.

Mainak RoyCo-Founder & CEO, Simple Education Foundation

The excellent use of different virtual tools and strategies helped our leadership team move very quickly to the most critical aspects of the discussion. I was always glued to my screen and excited to see what would come next.

Gautam SoodFinance Lead, Indus Action

It was a great platform to transcend from merely working as a professional to rising up as a leader in a dynamic environment.

AnweshaCommunications Lead, Reap Benefit

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